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Welcome to Indulge

Taking a retro-style motif for our Indulge ejuice series, we have concocted an e-juice range with a variety of different sweet and dessert-themed vapes.

Indulge yourself in our array of classic flavour profiles such as a Cherry Tart, Cola Burst, Lemon Dream, Sweet Spot and Strawberry Delight.

We provide the finest five flavours for the greatest vaping experience and we are now one of the UK’s leading e-juice manufacturers.

Our e-juices

10ml Bottles

Indulge Cherry Tart

Cherry Tart

A deep filled sweet pastry crust, stuffed with delicious almonds. Fresh cherries, finished with sweet powdered icing.

Indulge Cola Burst

Cola Burst

Our unique cola e-juice is bursting with the most refreshing taste taking you back to your childhood.

Indulge Lemon Dream

Lemon Dream

Our luscious lemon treasure, a light fluffy sponge with a fresh tantalizing citrus zest, baked to perfection.

Indulge Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight

Fresh juicy strawberries with a soft creamy blend. A tasty treat jam-packed with remarkable flavour.

Indulge Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Our most exotic fresh fruits surprise. This one will absolutely satisfy your sweet spot and leave you salivating for more.


Refresh your taste buds with a sweet limey citrus flavor bursting with a sugar coated sherbet tingle.


A fresh frozen raspberry deliciously blended with a sugary powdered fizz.


A juicy, luscious, succulent flavour, packed with all the natural essences of the vineyard, blended with a champagne fizz.


A trio of raspberry, lime and orange sherbets combine to create a treat as delightful as a rainbow. A classic mixture of all your favourite sherbets mixed into one delicious fizzy infusion of fruits.


A sweet zingy taste of lemon candy, fizzing with freshness with a popping sherbet aftertaste.

50ml Bottles

Cherry Tart

Cola Burst

Lemon Dream

Strawberry Delight

Sweet Spot

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